Ann E. Gillies, conversion therapist

Ann E. Gillies
(Facebook, Twitter, Dr. Ann E. Gillies, Restoring the Mosaic, Bruce Grey Owen Sound Citizens Action Coalition, )
Advocate for Conversion Therapy

Self-claimed Education (via Facebook):

University of Ottawa – L’Université d’Ottawa
Emotionally focused Couple Therapy · Ottawa, Ontario

Emmanuel Bible College
Biblical Studies and Counseling · Kitchener, Ontario

Liberty University
Trauma · Philosophy of Professional Counselling · Lynchburg, Virginia

CTV News reported Jan. 31, 2020:

Ann Gillies is a trauma therapist and a proponent of what she calls choice or change therapy.

Ann, who was in private practice for 20 years and has a PhD in Professional Counselling from Liberty University in Virginia, argues that because sexuality is fluid it can be actively influenced like what happened with her own son.

“So, if that’s true for him it certainly can be true for others who want to be able to talk to the therapist and walk through that,” she said.

It’s a view the mainstream medical community doesn’t support.

Gillies has an adult son, David (last name not given), who tells CTV that he successfully left a “gay identity,” married, and had four children.

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