Baptists hesitate to enforce sex-abuse policies, reaffirm abuse of transgender Christians

The Southern Baptist Convention in June 2019 passed a resolution condemning sexual abuse, and voted to amend the denomination’s constitution to remove churches that mishandle sexual abuse. But as the Washington Post reports, the denomination has yet to finalize the amendment. And the SBC is already stalling efforts at enforcement. One well-regarded abuse survivor was […]

McEwen: Family Research Council’s expert Peter Sprigg has no expertise

Veteran LGBT activist Alvin McEwen notes that the Family Research Council’s longtime point man for homosexuality and conversion therapy, Peter Sprigg, has no expertise whatsoever in his primary areas of focus, mental health and sexuality. Despite being an ordained evangelical pastor, Sprigg’s focus at FRC is consistent not with pastoral ministry, but with his bachelor’s […]

Amazon still selling anti-LGBT conversion therapy books

Despite rumors to the contrary, still sells most of its library of books that promote “ex-gay” conversion therapy. The bookseller recently withdrew from its marketplace the books of a single author, Joseph Nicolosi, godfather of the now-discredited reparative therapy movement which falsely teaches that same-sex orientation and “confused” gender identity are both determined by […]

Racine, Wis., considers ordinance to ban anti-LGBT conversion therapy

The LGBT Center of Southeast Wisconsin has brought before the Racine City Council a proposal to locally ban conversion therapy for minors. The Journal Times of Racine, Wisconsin, reports: According to the proposal, which cites research from 12 different medical, counseling, health and psychology organizations, conversion therapy has been found to be largely ineffective and […]

Vancouver, B.C.-area Pride Society seeks ban on anti-LGBT conversion-therapy

Tri-Cities Pride Society, serving eastern suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia, has called for a ban on anti-LGBT conversion therapy across all of Canada. (Source: Tri-City News) The society sent an open letter to legislators: The open letter reads: Tri-Cities Pride Society acknowledges the harm conversion therapy has caused, and continues to cause, LGBTQ2+ people. Medical […]

CBC News: The painful toll of going through conversion therapy

Those who’ve experienced antigay conversion therapy often describe it as difficult and painful. Canada’s CBC News reached out to Matt Ashcroft and Peter Gajdics, who have gone through conversion therapy and they agreed to share their experiences with conversion therapists. Conversion therapists promise to reduce same-sex sexual attraction and make people asexual. But they only […]